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Ash and Bute sentencing adjourned to next Assizes

Ash and Bute sentencing adjourned to next Assizes


Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams will no longer be pursuing the death penalty for convicted murderers Azari Ash and Che Bute.{{more}}

The DPP made this known on March 27 at the closing of the High Court’s Criminal Assizes.

Williams, however, made it clear that he would be pursuing a “very severe sentence nevertheless”.

The men will, however, have to wait to learn their fate at the next practical sitting of the Assizes in April as their sentencing hearing which was scheduled for that same day, had to be adjourned.

They were convicted on July 27, 2011, for the December 2007 murder of Lloyd ‘Lazo’ Samuel.

The DPP explained that the person responsible for the men’s social and psychiatric reports is currently unwell. Williams said the crown was unable to to proceed with the matter because they wanted that person to be present.

He said while the crown is in possession of both reports, they will not be able to proceed because the person is unable to assist the court with the exercise. Williams also asked that the matter be traversed to the next assizes to allow for the recovery of the individual.

Bute’s attorney Jomo Thomas did not object to the adjournment of the matter. Queen’s Counsel Carlyle Dougan appeared on Ash’s behalf.

The two men were also convicted on charges of possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm with intent to injure, and unlawful use of firearm.

Both men remain adamant that they are innocent of the charges.

During the trial, star prosecution witness, Uroy ‘Laybay’ Robinson testified that he was in the same room when Bute and Ash developed a plot to kill Samuel.

Robinson, in his testimony, told the court that sometime after 10:00 pm on the night Samuel was shot, Ash told Bute that Samuel had just left his home.

“Azari (Ash) come and tell Che (Bute) that Lazo gorn way and Che say is the best time to mark him when he come back,” Robinson testified.

He added that Bute gave Ash a black, long-sleeved T-shirt; a pair of black trousers; a black tam with holes cut out for the eyes and mouth and a pair of gloves.

Robinson added that Bute took out the bullets from a .32 revolver, placed them in a plastic bag and put them into a pot of boiling water. Robinson said Bute said, “This go mek sure the man dead.”

He said Bute then placed the bullets back into gun, handed the gun to Ash and told him “to make sure it was a safe scene.”

Around 1:00 a.m., on December 22, Robinson testified that Ash returned and said: “Ragga, that dead; ah put all in he head; ah full up he head…”