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2 remanded for $1.2 million worth of weed

2 remanded for $1.2 million worth of weed


Following a major drug bust of over 2002 pounds of marijuana by local police last week, two men are now on remand at her Majesty’s Prison awaiting their court hearing on October 15.

Conrad Luis Antrobus, 32, and Carlos Ryan, 38, both of Villa, were arrested and charged in connection with the drugs, which carried an estimated street value of over EC $1.2 million.{{more}}

Prosecutor at the Serious Offences Court, Station Sergeant Nigel Butcher, objected to the men’s bail on the grounds that they may be potential flight risks. Butcher said he also fears that if the two were given bail that they would interfere with the ongoing investigations being carried out by the police. He said that given the seriousness of the matter and the sentence they are likely to receive if convicted, it is more than likely that they will abscond the jurisdiction. Station Sergeant Butcher noted that the police also intend to bring other charges against the men relating to firearms.

Along with the drugs being found in the joint early morning operation between the Rapid Response Unit and The Criminal Investigations Department Narcotics Squad on June 17, five guns including: three .38 and two 9mm handguns and an assortment of bullets were found. No charges were laid with respect to the firearms and ammunition.

The ever-animated Counsel Arthur Williams, who represented Antrobus, said that the prosecution did not advance sufficient reason to deny his client’s bail. Williams said the fact that Antrobus turned himself in to the police after he heared he was being sought after showed that he is not a flight risk. He told presiding Magistrate, Sonya Young that once given bail, stringent conditions could be set to accompany it.

Counsel for Ryan, Grant Connell, told the court that his client also gave himself up to the police after he found that his apartment was broken into and ransacked.

Magistrate Young in objecting to the men’s bail said that the matter was too serious to consider bail, owing to the fact that there are a lot of drugs involved. Young also echoed the prosecution’s concern and said that if the men were given bail that they would abscond.