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Guyanese deported


A Guyanese national was on Monday deported to her native land by Senior Magistrate Donald Brown after she appeared before him at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.{{more}}

Haimwatti Nohar was arrested and charged on May 16th with overstaying her time in this country. Magistrate Browne ordered that she be deported after she failed to leave the country on February 15th.

Information stated that the defendant arrived in the state on January 23rd at the E.T. Joshua Airport and was given until February to leave the country. It was not until the 16th of May that immigration officers received information that Nohar was in the state.

Nohar said that she was living at Diamond at the time and could not find her plane ticket.

“We love people from all around the world coming here, but you have to get permission before you do so,” said Magistrate Browne.