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Family facing gun & ammo charges

Family facing gun & ammo charges


A joint raid carried out by the Drug Squad and members of the Rapid Response Unit on Friday, 25th April, in Redemption Sharpes, found over 94 rounds of ammunition, along with two guns.{{more}}

As a result of the raid, eight men were hauled before the Serious Offences Court on Monday to answer possession charges. Seven of the men, five of them brothers, were granted bail in the sum of $20,000 each with two sureties, while one was remanded to her Majesty’s Prison.

The men: Alvin Antrobus, 21, labourer; Oradni Antrobus, 25; Ellsworth Antrobus, 18; Omerie Antrobus, 25, Baker; Esron Antrobus, Salesman; Earl Jack, 20, Salesman; Olanzo Foster, 20, Baker, and Garvet Foster, 26, Salesman, all of Redemption Sharpes, were arrested on eight charges.

Each man pleaded not guilty to having in their possession: one .45 pistol, one .32 revolver, 14 rounds of twelve gauge shot gun cartridges, one round of 5.56 ammunition, one round of .380 ammunition, 10 rounds of .45 ammunition, 10 rounds of .32 ammunition and 58 rounds of nine millimeter without a license under the firearm act.

Prosecutor Station Sergeant Nigel Butcher objected to the men’s bail on the grounds that if they were given bail, they would not turn up to court when the case is called for hearing. Station Sergeant Butcher further stated that the court should not divorce itself from what is going on in society. Butcher said that the once peaceful community of Redemption Sharpes has now become a “hotbed” for violence. “We can see that it is the young people who are committing these crimes,” stated the Prosecutor.

Garvet Foster was remanded due to the fact that he had another partly heard matter in court. Station Sergeant Butcher also said that the men formed part of the police investigations in connection with the recent shootings in Sharpes involving 21-year-old Jamal Holder who was shot in the neck, and Brian Samuel, 18, who sustained four bullets to the head as he was walking on the public road in Sharpes. Butcher said because of this, more charges might be laid against the men.

Lawyer for all eight accused, Kay Bacchus Browne, said that the prosecution grounds of objecting to bail was not properly laid. Bacchus-Browne said that the ammunition and the guns were found in an open yard where the family resides. She added that the father of the five brothers, Wendell Antrobus, who was shot in his head some time ago, was willing to put up his property to bail his sons.

The matter was adjourned to July 23 and the men were ordered to report to the Central Police Station every Monday. They were also placed on an 8pm-6am curfew. (KW)