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‘O Justice, where art thou?’

‘O Justice, where art thou?’


Some persons who feel that the justice system in St Vincent and the Grenadines has not been kind to them took to the streets in protest last Thursday morning.

With placards held high in the air, the busy traffic in front of the High Court slowed occasionally to take a look at what was going on.{{more}} Some of the signs which read, “O Justice, where art thou?” and “Everybody needs justice” were just some of the feelings in writing expressed by the protesters.

Princess Diamond, a self-employed businesswoman, of Arnos Vale, said she had an incident in 2005 where police raided her house in the wee hours of the morning without a court order and threw everything she owned in the street. Diamond said at the time she was partially naked when the officers came to her home. “It was so degrading and embarrassing for me,” she said.

Diamond said she filed a report and the matter was taken up before the courts, and she came out victorious. Diamond told SEARCHLIGHT that after the case she still has no permanent place of abode and that she and her son have been like ‘rolling stones” renting different places. “We have to suffer the embarrassment … and we are not responsible,” said Diamond.

Diamond added that she is befuddled as to why the matter had to be sent to the Court of Appeal after she had won the case.

She urged persons to join in the drive to stand up for their right to justice and to make their troubles known to the public. “I plan on going on with this until I get justice”, Diamond stated.