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DPP to appeal case against Ian Caesar

DPP to appeal case against Ian Caesar


Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams has already forwarded his appeal papers to the magistracy, giving notice that he intends to appeal the recent sentencing of Ian Caesar.{{more}}

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne fined Caesar, 55, of Cane Garden $20,000 after he pleaded guilty to importing 1,485 rounds of ammunition without being the holder of a firearm import permit.

The DPP told SEARCHLIGHT that it was the first time he had ever heard of so much ammunition coming before a court and a man getting fined. “How could a man with over a thousand rounds of ammunition or more walk free, what is so special about him, who is he?” asked Williams.

When the fine was imposed last week, Magistrate Browne said that he thought that Caesar, a retired US Court Clerk was a man of impeccable character and that he was not going to impose a custodial sentence on him. “I don’t know you, but I have no doubt Mr. Caesar is a fine man and is well recommended by the United States court,” Browne said.

Customs intercepted one box containing 500 rounds of Thunderbolt. 22 cartridges, 500 rounds of .38 ammunition, 125 rounds of Remington twelve gauge shotgun cartridges and 10 twelve gauge rifle rug and 350 rounds of Remington 9mm pistol ammunition on October 13, 2007.

The DPP was of the opinion that anyone who is not convicted of a crime should also be considered a person of impeccable character.

Queen’s Counsel Carlyle Dougan, who represented Caesar, said that his client was a hunter and weapons expert and had the license to carry a .38 firearm.

Dougan said that he had been informed that in 1991 Caesar had applied for a license to bring guns and ammunition into the country but was denied. However, it was said that in that instance, the ammunition was kept in police custody under the agreement that he could get fifty rounds at a time whenever he needed them.(KW)