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Magistrate: Are you a cat thief?


“Are you a cat thief? You are involved in cat burglary.” These were the stern words of Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne at the Kingstown Magistrate Court last Monday morning, as he passed a nine-month sentence on Garnett Greaves for burglary.

He was charged for entering the dwelling house of his cousin, Veronica Greaves on the Saturday July 1, at Dorsetshire Hill and stealing one 14kt gold chain valued at US$800, a driver’s license, EC$250 and US$80. When Greaves appeared before the Acting Senior Magistrate at the Kingstown Magistrate Court, he pleaded guilty to the charge laid against him.{{more}}

The court was told that around 12:03 a.m. Veronica secured her belongings and went outside. On her return to her room, she saw the curtain had been pulled down. The court also heard that she bumped her foot against something on the floor, which turned out to be Garnett. He then got up and fled through the window.

“You are a first class thief and a seasoned criminal. Why are you doing this? asked Magistrate Browne. “I was hungry and I wanted some money to buy some food to eat,” replied Greaves.

“You are a stupid thief, you should be contributing to nationbuilding, instead, you are helping to demolish it,” said Browne sternly.