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Josette never thought J’s would take the cake at Best of SVG

Josette never thought J’s would take the cake at Best of SVG


When Josette Joseph started baking and decorating cakes, she had no intention for it to become a business.

And she definitely did not think that she would be voted Best Cakes of 2018 in Interactive Media’s Best of SVG Awards, only a year after launching her business.

Joseph is the owner of J’s Cakes, which was launched in April 2017 and caters to persons interested in cakes for special occasions including birthdays, weddings, graduations and baby showers.

“I knew since I was open, I did serve a lot of people, but I know that there were other cake businesses that were there existing years before me,” Joseph said, referring to winning the award.

“That’s why it was a bit surprising. But I know my reviews are positive, my clients are always really happy with their cakes so I know that I’m doing something right, something good enough to be named Best of SVG.”Josette never thought J’s would take the cake at Best of SVG

When Joseph started decorating cakes, she said she was just experimenting because a friend had asked her to bake a cake for them.

She said that although the cake turned out delicious, she “had no idea how to decorate a cake or anything so I just slapped on some icing and they were looking really ugly”.

It was at that point she decided to gain more knowledge on cake decorating, for her own personal development and not with the intention of opening a business.

The cake maker said she learnt the basics of cake decoration through watching Facebook and YouTube videos and experimenting at home.Josette never thought J’s would take the cake at Best of SVG

Joseph, who works at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Postal Corporation, took vacation in March 2017 and spent most of that time decorating cakes.

It was a few posts on Facebook that brought her very first customers to her and J’s Cakes was born a month later.Josette never thought J’s would take the cake at Best of SVG

“At first, I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure that I was up to standard to sell, but I decided I would give it a try; I’d just sell to this one person and then this second person. And then they were really happy with the cake, they were happy with the taste, with the presentation and then they ordered again,”she told SEARCHLIGHT.

The business owner takes pride in the product that she provides for her customers. And because of this, she makes every cake from scratch.

“I guess for some people that nothing is wrong with it but personally, I do not believe in those pre-packed box cakes. I believe in doing everything from scratch, the icing, the cakes, everything…” she said.
Josette never thought J’s would take the cake at Best of SVG

Joseph added that winning Best of SVG in her category gave new customers a level of confidence in her business, especially since it hasn’t been around very long.

She also said that many people recommend her to others and she believes that the award has helped in generating popularity for J’s Cakes.

She thanked all her clients, her family and friends for the support and SEARCHLIGHT for the Best of SVG initiative which she said “gave a lot of small businesses an opportunity to climb the ladder”.

Persons wishing to order from J’s Cakes can contact Joseph via Facebook or Instagram; @jscakessvg or on WhatsApp at 1(784) 433 – 6250.