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Co-workers: Patrice was a hard worker

Co-workers: Patrice was a hard worker


Patrice worked at Digital Services and Marketing, and Communications Manager Rhoda St John worked with Patrice for almost a year. She remembers her being hardworking and dedicated.

St John mentioned that Digital Services produced a Newsletter called “School Beat” and that Patrice was the person behind the publication.{{more}}

The Marketing Manager explained: “Patrice designed, developed, edited, published and produced ‘School Beat’. She would go out there and look for stories and one of her dreams was to see the publication develop into something big and spread throughout the Caribbean.”

St John announced that to commemorate Bascombe’s life they would change the name to the “Patrice Bascombe School Beat”.

Rhoda however eerily confessed that just two weeks ago Patrice who was into graphic designing, had taken a picture of herself lying down and digitally inserted it into a background of clouds.

Her co-worker said that they would be making a billboard from the graphic art she created and it would be seen at the funeral.

St John who stayed at Patrice’s bedside revealed: “Patrice wasn’t just my worker, she became my friend, my sister. We were also spiritual sisters who attended the same church. From Tuesday night when she entered the hospital to when they took her to the morgue on Thursday, I was at her side. I never left. I stayed with her all the time. There will never be another person like Patrice.”

• Pshanique Labban

Pshanique Labban was Patrice’s co-worker and she described her as a very hard working individual who however made time to talk and listen to others. She said her work mate was filled with life and joy and always wanted to see the best in people. Labban also described Patrice as a very intelligent young lady who considered everyone else’s ideas and who was constantly encouraging people. She said that she was well loved by her co-workers and admitted that she would be greatly missed.