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Thanks MCMH, No offence meant!


Was just two weeks ago ah wrote bout de Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) and ah doh want to write again to look like ah only come out to beat up on de medical sit-yuh-here-shun in SVG. Lie-Za was telling me ah should write how my wife stumbled between de gutter and sidewalk on Back Street, and knocked her big toe out ah de joint. She went to de MCMH, waited foh an hour till ah Nurse looked at de foot, took her vitals and went to de doctor’s office. An hour after de doctor saw her and handed me ah prescript-shun to be purchased from ah Private Pharmacy, because de item was not available at de Hospital. De first thing ah asked me-self was, “Boy, do yuh have money in yuh pocket to pay foh de drugs?” Ah breath ah sigh of relief and shock when de Pharmacist told me dat it was ah pain killer and de cost was five dollars ($5). Imagine de emergency Unit in yuh main Hospital does not have ah five dollar inject-shun foh pain. But it was while waiting to be seen by de doctor again, de Good Lord sent Doctor Lennox Adams, ah former Nah-shun-all Triple Jump Athlete, passing thru de Unit, recognize my wife and had ah look at de injured toe; he kept her focused in conversay-shun while he massaged de area, and wid ah snap ah de finger, madam made de usual (woman) scream and de toe was instantly back in de joint.

We counting we Blessings and refuse to come-plain because thankfully, our problem was only ah dislocated toe and ah $5 pain killer Inject-shun dat she did not even use; however, we were also given ah second Prescript-shun with three items, none of which is available at de Hospital.

We continue to hear de-bait after de-bait in Par-liar-mint over medicare-shun or lack thereof in de MCMH. Hell’t Officials floating Releases wid half truths refuting ah statement made in de House of Par-liar-mint by Hon Daniel Cumming, saying dat dey was no Anti-Tit-an-us Vaccine at de MCMH foh de last six months. Apparently dat was de sit-yuh-hear-shun up until ah month ago, and one would have expected de minister of Hell-t to simply get up and say, dat de sit-yuh-here-shun has been corrected. “Cummings is misleading de House!” he said. De War on Hell’t broke-out on Choose-dey night again, in de House when Cummings again, dropped another bomb dat all is not “well” at de Mental Hell’t Centre. He stated dat de entire pop-yuh-lay-shun and staff at de Institute-shun was tested for Tube-ah-collossus, Again de minister of Hell’t challenged Cummings. People are tired, bordering being fed- up of de Lies, Cover-up, decept-shun, perceived and otherwise, coming from officials in de ministry at de MCMH; dis is ah challenge on de Minister and his PS. One is asking if these guys have ah clear understanding of de functions and operations of ah Institution as important as our Hell’t Ministry. Nuff Said!

BUDGET 2019.

2019 Budget De-bait is in progress and it hot. De awe-position fire-ball squad of Cummings, Leacock and Matthews has been fortified wide add-de-shun of Senators Bacchus-Baptiste and Bruce. Dey’s ah serious imbalance in de House, wid de except-shun of Jimmy who gets ah “C Grade” and ah “B” foh Hon Karma-Low Guns-have, de new Min of Fine-Ants; who came prepared to deliver, even though it was not his own composition, shows signs of brilliance. But den his dad, de PM, who Arm-In have lost dey sting. But de rest is like MT metal Barrels rolling down ah stoney road, no content, just noise. As expected Sen Baptist truly delivered, no surprise! She unfolded ah heap ah unfair games bordering alleged pull-it-tek-all Corrupt-shun wid State lands now owned by close family members of de Minister.

Did I hear dat de PM is going to Appeal de Ruling of de Appeal Court in de Teachers Case? Is Gone-Soft going to de Privy Council, will someone other dan me tell dat man he losing it or is it plain and simple: “Gone-Soft Bridge is falling down.” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.