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Sin-Vin-Sins funniest home VDO


Our Pry Minister after making ‘ah doesn and one’ pronouncement ah de incident wid his son, our Am-boss-ah-dah and de “NDP Cop” sorry, dat should be “de YNDP Cop” sorry again, it’s “de NYDP Cop,” de PM is finally promising to let us see de VDO ah all dat went down wid Calm-mellow and de Coke-here-shun Cop.{{more}}

Before ah look at dis VDO ley me be serious foh ah moment. Any attack by de Police on ah Vincentian any part ah de world, is an attack on de dignity ah Vincentians all over de world. And dat holds foh our Ambassador or any other Vincy foh dat matter.

It follows therefore, dat any ass-salt on our nationals by Police in de UK, de YNDP in NY, or right home hey in SVG Par-liar-mint, must be con-dem! So dat when de YNDP Police ass-salt Calm-mellow, till we getting ah VDO to watch, we must, as small ah nation we are, con-dem dat as bat-three! Just like how in SVG de Police did rough up Dr Friday, Dan Cummings and kick de ole woman at de Grenadines Wharf, defending dey Rights against an unjust Tax, dat should be con-dem.

Yuh know dat would ah mek ah good VDO! And when de Police did rough up and bat-three Dr Friday, Dan Cummings and kick My-heir Eustace in Parliamint, dat too should be con-dem; ah believe Senator Vinny got punched out before she was able to “sent from my BB” any footage foh ah VDO ah dat one.

Dis incident wid Vin-sin-shun Am-boss-ah-dah Gone-Soft got its many sides. Calm-mellow say he all time (do like Julie-Ann Fran-Sis when he did move de barricades at de Court House) go pass de barricade to enter de building dat houses our NY mission.

Unless dey’s ah sign dah say: “only Am-boss-ah-dahs allowed ” den he wrong to move de barricades. Secondly, de Police should know how to address people, down to ah lickle child.

Calm-mellow was right to ignore de Cop, de way he was trying to get his attention, wid his: “Hey You! You! What the hell do you think the Goddamn barricades are there for?”

Am-boss-ah-dah or not, dah’s no way to address even ah criminal; but dey say dah’s how de YNDP does it in New York. Next ting, I agree wid Eustace, de YNDP officer had no right to physically assault Calm-yellow, ah suppose we will see how dat pan out in de VDO.

Thirdly, de YNDP did not recognize Calm-mellow who stated in his report he (Gone-Soft) overheard de YNDP officer whispering to his colleagues: “I couldn’t let him (Gone Soft) just walk into the building. Look at him: he could be a terrorist.” Imagine Calm-mellow half white and police ain’t recognize him high day-time.

Ah now overs de Pry Minister when he say George Bush won’t recognize Arm-in in de night.

Fourthly Calm-mellow did not produce his Am-boss-ah-dah’s ID when de Cop asked foh it; things might ah bin different had he complied outside by de barriers, he could ah say to de officer: “ Hey you! You! Who de hell yuh think yuh talking too?” den flip his ID and say: “Hey, come see dis, and I ain’t one ah dem niggers on de street yuh think yuh could address as ‘hey you’!”

Well everyting done happen, and ole people say “What gone bad ah morning, can’t come good ah evening!” And de VDO will clear it all up!

Lie-Za pick up ah fellah from Bo-bade-us who came foh de cricket and she going out she mind over him. He name Buddy, not Buddy-me-eye but Buddy-me-Lie. He got con-tax at de M-busy in B-dos, he sent her ah copy ah de tape wid Calm-mellow and de YNDP Cop. She looked at it, only de beginning and was giving me ah blow by blow account: “Boy,” she said, “ de ting began wid dis grand-pappa, ah huge fellah getting up off he bed early de morning, go to de bath-room, den to de fridge, pour out ah glass ah water and MT ah pack ah salts in de glass dat start ah ever-fest, he drink it off in one gulp; den he tip toe to de back door, look round to mek sure no-buddy watching, den he eeeeze out de door and head down de balcony.” Ah put me hand to she mouth right away and tell she: “yuh stop right dey wid yuh non-cents! “ She and she Lie-in- Buddy! Ah told her ah want to see de VDO from New York, not de one Buddy sent she, dat one is “Sin-Vin-Sin’s Funniest Home VDO!”


Back in 2005 when de Grammar School Class ah 1954/1955 had its 50th Anniversary, one ah de noticeable absentees was Carl Glasgow, he had gone to Canada to do heart surgery. Never did we realize dat foh Carl it was de beginning of ah long, seven years ah battling foh life. Carl, de winner at all kind ah sporting disciplines, defended well, from heart surgery, to pass-straight cancer to whatever.

Nuff would ah bin said about dis humble man himself, ah didn’t hear anything about his lone voice in de wilderness dat de Cross Country road should go around the northern point from Fancy to Richmond. Dat to my mind is de only feasibly proposal.. My tribute to Carl would include his one-dah-full and faith-full wife, Lay-net and their two supportive daughters, Came-yah and Me-like-yah. Dat family stuck to-gather thru-out Carl’s period of adversity. Knowing de cost of medicals here, much more abroad way de currencies are doubled and tripled; life must have been devastating foh de Glasgows. So ah want to salute de immediate survivors ah Carl’s household, Lay-net, de Girls and in-laws, and thank them foh caring to de very end, our great sportsman, honest Lawyer and decent citizen and ah genuine friend. May de good Lord tek care ah yuh all. And wid dat is Gone ah gone again. Happy Easter.

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.